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WCMS - Website Content Management System

1. Introduction:
Website Content Management System gives an opportunity to the customers to take charge of their websites. Your Business is a dynamic process, things change – new products, new services, new offers, price changes, feature changes, new office, new tie ups etc. But your site not often keeps velocity with these changes. In fact a majority of sites never change for years. One of the reasons for this is because there is no easy way to modify the content on your site. It is pricey and time consuming to get back to the website development company to make each small change. 2. Objective:
This document provides all the features of website content management system.
3. Feature:

WCMS turns your site into dynamic content site.
Salient Features:
Update content of your site.
Add/Edit/Delete images and to the marquee effect also
Add/Edit/Delete menus.
Add/Edit/Delete submenus
Latest images and links can be included in the website
Upload and Download files.
Just drag and drop feature to change the sequences of services/sub services
Automatic image resizing when adding images to marquee or any services
Do all these things without the help of programming skills or technical staff.
4. Conclusion: WCMS engages customers through next-generation sites enabling to manage and update their sites with simple steps and best results. WCMS facilitates the controlling of your documents, auditing as well as time management.