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3D Design

3D Design: AksaTech offers high quality 3D Design, 3D modeling and 3d animation services. We can create any 3d models from simple objects to humans 3d models and animate it as well. AksaTech provides 3d flash logo design, 3D wallpapers and 3d interfaces design. We also do custom 3D modeling for 3D games.
3D Architectural Rendering:
3D architectural rendering has quite rightly become important necessity for building construction. 3D architectural render gives better realistic views of buildings than any other services in the business today.


Perhaps that's why architects, builders and designers prefer 3D architectural rendering. 3D architectural rendering is used for creating three dimensional views of different building objects and parts. Such 3D views are so much realistic that you can clearly visualize your building as if it is already created and you are watching it. 3D architectural rendering will perfectly clarify about what you will require for your upcoming building construction activities.
3D architectural rendering allows users to decide building design related issues well before it actually starts being constructed
Architectural Walk-Through Animation:
3D Architectural modeling, rendering, animation and models are created from sketches, photographs, and/or CAD files supplied by the client. A wide range of output options are available Architectural renderings, video animations, internet graphics, interactive CD-Roms, and virtual environments. Your information is safe with us, we will enter into a confidentiality agreement at your request.
360 degree panorama creation:
Panoramic 3D Presentations help you to have a 360° view of the landscape, which you wish to present on the screen. This feature will help the viewers to get a live three-dimensional view of a particular panorama. When you move through the screen, you get the feel of a 360° observation of a landscape. This feature will help you to project the view of a building or the land, upon which the building is to be raised.
Character animation:
We create 3D Character Animation or 3D Cartoon animation television series, movies and Internet. Our talented team of animators has expertise in all fields of animation process and can see the entire project from script to screen produced to perfection.Our creative team, successfully undertakes to write, design and produce cartoon projects of varying time limits. We provide solutions of unparalleled quality at cost-effective rates.
3D Product Design:
Our 3D Product Design makes big impact with striking 3D product modeling and rendering technology support.
Designers, inventors of prototypes, medical and industrial companies, product based manufacturers or furniture designers can all benefit from the detailed and accurate computer models and images created using techniques and procedures we have perfected over the years.
Conceptual Design:
Our talented design team can develop esthetically attractive, powerful and artistic presentation. Your unique concepts, be it a futuristic building design, city planning or for fiction (animated films, games etc.) can be transformed into 3D visual imagery for effective presentation.At AksaTech we can create for you images, original and novel, improvised to encapsulate your imagination within the limits of the possible, and are beyond the staid realms of conservative methods. Our visuals showcase your ideas better and communicate your imaginative or futuristic designs to clients and target audience better.